Using an “all-over” compositional strategy reminiscent of the early Abstract Expressionists, Seoul-based abstract artist Darae Jeon uses luminous, cool colors and whimsical, calligraphic lines to build buoyant, light filled paintings in hopes of communicating joy. 

Inspired by musical traditions such as jazz, tango, classic, and world music, Jeon has developed an effervescent visual language capable of conveying positive energy and emotion. Airy looking and even childlike at first, her paintings are layered and complex upon closer inspection, with painterly surfaces and compositions that evoke a sense of balance and visual harmony. 

Glimpses of the natural world come and go within the abstract markings and luminous color fields, inspiring fleeting feelings of levity. Rather than looking for meaning in her works, Jeon hopes viewers will look for comfort, and open themselves up to the feelings the works inspire.


Jeon is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Her work has been exhibited extensively around Seoul.